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只用 tg ,卸了抖音和微信。
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回复了 poyanhu 创建的主题 全球工单系统 ChatGPT 这会好慢。响应要十几秒
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回复了 XiaoBaiYa 创建的主题 OpenAI GPT-4 API 邀请,有人收到邮件吗
We’ve created GPT-4, our most capable model. We are starting to roll it out to API users today.
About GPT-4
GPT-4 can solve difficult problems with greater accuracy, thanks to its broader general knowledge and advanced reasoning capabilities.

You can learn more through:
Overview page of GPT-4 and what early customers have built on top of the model.
Blog post with details on the model’s capabilities and limitations, including eval results.
API Waitlist: Please sign up for our waitlist to get rate-limited access to the GPT-4 API – which uses the same ChatCompletions API as gpt-3.5-turbo. We’ll start inviting some developers today, and scale up availability and rate limits gradually to balance capacity with demand.
Priority Access: Developers can get prioritized API access to GPT-4 for contributing model evaluations to OpenAI Evals that get merged, which will help us improve the model for everyone.
ChatGPT Plus: ChatGPT Plus subscribers will get GPT-4 access on with a dynamically adjusted usage cap. We expect to be severely capacity constrained, so the usage cap will depend on demand and system performance. API access will still be through the waitlist.
API Pricing
gpt-4 with an 8K context window (about 13 pages of text) will cost $0.03 per 1K prompt tokens, and $0.06 per 1K completion tokens.

gpt-4-32k with a 32K context window (about 52 pages of text) will cost $0.06 per 1K prompt tokens, and $0.12 per 1K completion tokens.

Watch the GPT-4 Developer Demo here.

—The OpenAI team
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@1042 发 ticker 要求退款会秒退,不用担心。
现在最新的是 vision 和 reality ,reality 更骚,不要域名用别人的证书。
换了个 ui 的百度搜索而已
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回复了 rwecho 创建的主题 程序员 Edge 右上角的 B 按钮, 还挺好用的
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