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@wangch079 可以的哈
@invisible10 抱歉哈,因为整体待遇还可以,所以有一定的要求的
根据目前招聘进度,JD 更新一下哈

1. 必须熟练掌握 Swift
2. iOS 基础扎实 (内存管理,网络,动画等等)
3. 较深的个人技术栈 (不仅限于组件化,重构经验等等)
4. 软技能 plus plus plus (沟通方面)
根据目前招聘进度,JD 更新一下哈
1. 必须熟练掌握 Swift
2. iOS 基础扎实 (内存管理,网络,动画等等)
3. 有个人技术栈 (擅长的领域)且有明确的技术规划

Position: Web Developer
● Implement new user-facing features in products which have a huge amount of PV everyday
● Write client-side code to create super-fast, easy-to-use, web-based applications which include website for both desktop and mobile browsers, hybrid in-app pages and desktop applications based on Electron.
● Optimize web applications to maximize speed and scale.
● Build libraries and frameworks that support complex web applications, speedup
development efficiency and improve code quality. Minimum qualifications
● Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in computer science, engineering or equivalent industry experience.
● Experience in developing responsive web sites for diverse clients from high powered desktop computers to small footprint mobile devices.
● Experience with modern front end technologies (eg React, styled system, webpack, etc) Preferred qualifications:
● Your active Github/NPM portfolio
● Familiarity with the whole web stack, including protocols and server side techniques.
@pingpongtv 中文就可以了呀
@fenisX 一般是三轮面试,周期一般是一到两天时间,简历发邮箱就可以了呀
@fenisX 前端可以的,有想法可以发简历试一试
@wangch079 抱歉哦,后端具体情况不是很清楚的
@wangch079 不在上海的应该可以的
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