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16 天前
回复了 reaCodes 创建的主题 程序员 MacOS 上有没有类似 MobaXterm 的软件?
@reaCodes CoreShell 可以执行本地终端命令行,但是可惜要订阅
可以买一台千元级别 NAS 放在家里面,可以远程连接回去更新电影。

如果 NAS 能够支持 docker 的话,跑一个 MinIO 镜像,可以像 OSS 一样储存资源并且拿到局域网直链,使用自己开发的 App 调用起来久方便了。
前端全部是 Canvas 绘制出来的,怎么感觉有点像远程桌面。
简单的跑了一下 projector-goland,占用了服务器 1.2G 内存
上海电信千兆宽带如果桥接会自动降低到 500M, 我当时也是这样,然后选择忍了。
50 天前
回复了 wallace5303 创建的主题 程序员 免费云存储来了
请不要拿 jsdelivr 当图床。


4. Prohibited Use
The following behavior is prohibited:

Hosting or accessing content that:

contains malware or harmful code in any form,
violates proprietary rights of others,
is sexually explicit,
is potentially illegal in the EU or the USA.
Abusing the service and its resources, or using jsDelivr as a general-purpose file or media hosting service. This includes, for example:

running an image hosting website and using jsDelivr as a storage for all uploaded images,
hosting videos, file backups, or other files in large quantities.
We recognize that there are legitimate projects that consist of a large number of files, and these are not considered abuse. For example: icons packs, apps, or games with a large number of assets.

Trying to bypass our limits or restrictions in any way. We will be happy to remove limits or provide custom solutions for legitimate projects.
50 天前
回复了 sadara 创建的主题 Apple homepod mini 可以用来给黑苹果做桌面音箱吗?
只能 AirPlay,连蓝牙播放都不行。Airplay 延迟 2s 劝退。
50 天前
回复了 Tander 创建的主题 云计算 GCP 的免费试用时间从一年变成了 90 天
翻译 API 扣钱 +1,
58 天前
回复了 sockball07 创建的主题 NGINX nginx 正向代理的问题
basic auth 是会写在 Authorization 里面的,你试下 proxy_pass Authorization "",覆盖掉原来的值试试。
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