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@yianing 想问下是在哪看到的稳定版明年禁用啊,我从楼主发的链接里看到的是最快预计一个多月就会推送到稳定版?“We will begin disabling Manifest V2 extensions in pre-stable versions of Chrome as early as June 2024, in Chrome 127 and later. We expect it will take at least a month to observe and stabilize the changes in pre-stable before expanding the rollout to stable channel Chrome, where it will also gradually roll out over time.” 那个 2025 年的好像说的企业版内部的插件
补充一下,服务器断网了这个 process 就没了,CPU 也掉下去了。
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回复了 badgate 创建的主题 Android 想换一个安卓手机
借楼问下小米 14 的 FCM 怎么解决的啊?其他都很好就是收不到海外 App 的推送有点烦。
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